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Saint Benedicts Helpstart

Individual counselling

Providing a home does not solve all the problems. A holistic approach is needed with co-ordinated wrap around services.

For those of our community who are currently homeless having a roof over their head is but one of many issues faced. People without stable accommodation are generally in need of Outreach Case Management and ongoing counselling to enable them to fully reconnect with the community and live independently.

Saint Benedict's understands that homelessness is not simply a lack of shelter as there are numerous issues that can affect different people in differing ways.

At present there are limited services which actually go out onto the streets to meet homeless people in their own environment and offer daily case management, advice and guidance.


The Foundation will provide a central hub for case management, ongoing counselling and service providers to directly interact with
homeless people.

The program will support  people who have needs that may not be addressed by a single program or service provider. Helpstart will provide the practical
support to link people to individual services they may require.

Our program will focus on supporting people to explore and work towards their goals to live the life to which they aspire.

The Foundation will work individually in a one on one support role to:

  • Identify goals and look at ways to achieve them
  • Connect with other homeless service providers
  • Increase access to the services required
  • Provide assistance in dealing with Government Departments
  • Provide ongoing guidance
  • Provide individual advocacy
  • Help provide opportunities for positive long-term outcomes.



Transition to Independent Living