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Saint Benedicts Homestart Community

As a growing level of homelessness occurs in our community, St Benedict's endeavours to proactively help those experiencing homelessness with tangible and meaningful assistance.

A sad reality is that some amongst us are either sleeping in vehicles, tents in the bush or sleeping bags at various locations. Nothing is more important than a roof over your head and a bed for sleep, yet for some this is but a dream.

For those without homes sleeping in public areas and the need to use public facilities creates issues for local Authorities and in most cases results in Rangers forcing the homeless to move on to another location. This does not address the issue it simply moves the problem to someone else’s backyard.

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St Benedict’s model is simple and straight forward. Develop a homeless shelter community with accommodation, ablution and laundry facilities, community resources centre and social enterprises as a cornerstone platform for returning to mainstream society. It will operate with a focus on collaborating with other community services creating opportunities for positive outcomes together with vocational training.  

Funding for development and operations of the Community would be carried out by the Foundation being self sufficient and non-reliant on any Government or Local Authority funding.
The greatest epidemic today is not TB or leprosy, it is being unwanted, unloved and uncared for
Mother Teresa


  • Saint Benedicts Centre - Peel (January 2021)homestart
  • Shelter for those without a home – 48 beds
  • Safe, secure accommodation, community centre & clinic
  • 24/7 management & accommodation hotline
  • Platform to re-establish independent living
  • Ongoing guidance and mentoring
  • Christian Principles






Safe Secure Accommodation